User Guide

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Used Controls

Used Controls are controls which have already been used in the current script.  They can be reused on multiple pages but will only store one value.  For example:
This can be achieved by using the same "category" control again on the Wrap page.
At the top of the Control List, you will see a drop down list, which ordinarily displays "System Controls".  Change this dropdown to view "Used Controls".  You will then see a list of all of the pages in your script, each with a small + icon to the left of the page name.  Click the plus icon to expand the list for that page. and add the appropriate control to your page.
Another example of used control usage is to create a "perpetual" notes box at the top of the screen.  Add a Text Area control to the first page you want it to appear, and add it again as a used control on all other pages you want it to appear on.  You can ensure that it appears in the same place each time by placing it within a floating control, which itself can be re-used on each page as a "used control".  The agent perception of this will be that the notes box stays on the screen throughout the script.