User Guide

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Text Label

Text Label
Text Labels are predominantly used to provide information for the agent to read to the caller during the call.  They can be styled, include html tags, e.g., <b>, <br>, and so on.  They can include system and script variables to include caller specific information as required.  See System and Script Variables for further information on working with variables.

Field Name

1. Field Name
Text Labels do not contain any data as such.  You should change the field name if you intend to reference it in a calculate field, for example hide it and only show it if certain conditions are met.

Styling Button

2. Styling Button
Click to change the appearance of the text label.

Add Greeting

3. Add Greeting
Check this to automatically add a greeting to the message depending on the time on the server.  If checked, this will add "Good Morning", "Good Afternoon", , "Good Evening", or "Hello", to the beginning of the text label dependinig on the time of day.  The greeting does not display in the script editor, but will when run from the script editor or when the script is live.

Advanced Properties

4. Advanced Properties
Click on Advanced Properties to add agent text to the Text Label.  Select variables from the variable window below to add them to the label, or simply type them in [square_brackets] if you know the variable name.  You can also use HTML tags in Text Labels to format and insert line breaks.