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Text Box and Text Area

Change Description
Version Number
An option to use "data purge" is available via licence if required.
Version 4.5.36+
Change to include text type of password (characters concealed when user types text when script is running)
Version 4.5.41
Text Box and Text Area
A Text Area field is the same as a text box but can be styled to span the entire script page.  When the Agent enters enough information to fill the visible portion of the text area, a scroll bar will appear to assist in reading/editing the content.
Text boxes and text areas appear as follows in the script editor view:
Text boxes and text areas appear as follows in the script:

Field Information

1. Field Information
Displays the current field name and pages on which it is used.  The Field Information button gives further information including links to the pages that the field is used on and details of any reports in which it is used. 

Field Name

2. Field Name
Give your field an appropriate name.  This is particularly important if using it in a calculation or report.  Changing a field name will not automatically update corresponding reports that use that field.

Default Value

3. Default Value
Enter a default value if required.

Field Help

4. Field Help
Enter the text you wish the agent to see when hovering over the control.

Max Characters

5. Max Characters
Set the maximum permissible number of characters the agent can enter.

Read Only

6. Read Only
Check the box to mark the field as read only.  Use this option if displaying information from an alternative data source that the Agent might need to see, but not change.

Spell Check

7. Spell Check
Tick to spell check the content of the field using the spell checking button on the  Agent Toolbar  Agent Toolbar - Spell Check.

Styling Options

8. Styling Options
Style individual elements of the text area field as required.  See Field Styling for more information.

Field Label

9. Field Label
The field label as it will appear to the Agent.


10. Type
Select the appearance of the control:
  • Text displays the text value to the user
  • Password hides the text value (useful when entering sensitive data), but retains the control value as plain text (for example, so report data can be generated in the standard manner).

Field Validation

11. Field Validation
Set field Validation if required.  See Field Validation for further information.