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Task Management Controls

Available in CallScripter v 4.5.30 onwards.
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Web Service
Tasks.asmx now available as a web service, allowing tasks to be manipulated in the message queue table (tblMQs) - for example, to edit an existing task.
Task management allows the script builder to add a single, or sequence of "tasks" for follow up activity by an agent as part of a post call workflow or escalation process.  The Task management controls are a replacement for the older message queue and workflow functionalities, for which it is essentially a front end, removing the need to insert, complete or cancel tasks using Database Get controls with complex SQL statements.
Agents will be alerted to tasks in the Task Management area of the Agent Desktop.
To create a Task Management Script, you will need to:

Adding Tasks

Tasks are added using the Task Management - Insert Task control.  This control enables you to define a list of action items for the agent to be carried out, a pre-defined period of time after the last task was actioned.


The following script variables need to be added to allow the task management controls to function correctly: