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  • Script Editor

Script Editor

The Script Editor module offers everything you need to create, edit, manage and style scripts and related items.
Script Editor

Product Administration

2. Product Administration
Administer products for use with the Shopping Basket Control.

Script History

3. Script History
Script History shows the history of who edited a script, when the edited it, what machine or IP address they used when doing so, and the action that was taken.  An example of the information captured is shown here:  Script History

DDI Administrator

4. DDI Administrator
The DDI Administrator allows you to associate a script with an inbound telephone number in order that the appropriate script can be popped when a call comes in on that number.

Manage Stylesheets

5. Manage Stylesheets
Manage Stylesheets allows you to quickly apply pre-defined formatting and colour schemes at the script version level.

Edit Workflow

6. Edit Workflow
The workflow module can be used in conjunction with the client Alerter component to ensure that follow up activities are carried out as a result of any script.  These follow up activities are managed in the Call Manager, by dedicated back-office team members, not in the Agent Desktop by agents.  An alternative mechanism (The Message Queue) can be used to alert Agents of follow up activities to be handled in the agent desktop. 

CRM Admin

7. CRM Admin
Please see the Knowledgebase for information on CRM Admin:  CRM Admin Article

Manage Templates

8. Manage Templates
Templates are pages that contain pre-set controls.  A template can be marked "Default for new scripts".  When creating a template, you also create a compound control which can be inserted onto any existing page as a group of frequently used fields.

Rota Manager

9. Rota Manager
Please see the Knowledgebase for information on Rota Manager:  Rota Manager Article

Multi Level Picklist Admin

10. Multi Level Picklist Admin
The multi-level picklist administrator is used to build and manage dropdown list boxes where the item selected in a dropdown denotes the content of subsequent lists.

Multi Language Admin

11. Multi Language Admin
Multi Language Admin allows the script editor to set up links to translation tables to enable multi language scripting.  Once configured, CallScripter can display script field labels, content and help text in multiple languages.   If you do not see the Multi Language Admin icon in your script editor menu, it is likely that it has not been enabled.  Please contact support to have the feature enabled.

Bad Word Manager

12. Bad Word Manager
The Bad Word Manager enables users with appropriate permissions to maintain a list of undesirable words.  In conjunction with Bad Word Validation on any given text field, agents can be notified of usage of bad words and given the opportunity to correct them or leave them as they are.  Where the agent leaves a bad word in a script, it is noted in an audit table.  If you do not see the bad word manager icon in your script editor menu, it is likely that it has not been enabled.  Please contact support to have this feature enabled.  v.4.5.17 and later.

Diary Manager

13. Diary Manager
Please see the Knowledgebase for more information on the diary manager:  Diary Manager Article