User Guide

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Script Attributes

Single clicking a script in the script list displays the attributes of that script in the right hand panel.
Script Attributes

Script Name

1. Script Name
The script name is its the main system identifier.  You can change the name of script here.  Script name is available for inclusion in reports as a Special Reporting Field

Script Description

2. Script Description
The script description can be completed to provide further information on the nature of the script.  This field is not available for inclusion in reports.

Live Version and Version Scheduler

3. Live Version and Version Scheduler
The Live version of the script is the version that will be available to agents in the agent desktop.  A live version of a script cannot be edited. 
The Script Version Scheduler allows a version of the script to be made live at a specific date and time.

Automatic Version Cleanup

4. Automatic Version Cleanup
If enabled, the Automatic Version Clean-up controls the a minimum number of scripts that will be retained  and beyond that, what the maximum age of a script version can be.  Outside of these restrictions, old versions of scripts will be removed.  This feature is available from Version 4 Release 20+.  For more information, see Automatic Version Clean-up

Script Types

5. Script Types
Scripts can be created as one type, and then changed to another type at a later date.  Each of the different script types is described in more detail here:

Script Permissions

6. Script Permissions
Limit agent, supervisor and script editor access to individual scripts by User Groups.  User Groups can be set up by a system administrator.  Each user Group has permissions to View, Edit or Create Scripts for each Customer.  The permissions of these groups are inherited by its members.  When viewing the Script Attributes, you can further refine permissions to  allow members of a group to:
  • Run Scripts
  • View Script Data
  • Edit Data
  • Create Reports
  • View Rota
  • Edit Scripts
  • Administer Basket
  • Administer CRM
  • Administer Stylesheets
  • Administer FAQs
  • Administer Workflow
Note that these changes will only take effect when users are added to a group, and removed from the System Group in the System Manager module.


7. Products
A shortcut to the Product Administration module where you can view, add, edit products associated with the current script.

Schedule Report

8. Schedule Report
A shortcut to the Report Schedule section of the Reporting module where you can schedule a report for the currently displayed script.  Also available from the Reporting System main menu.


9. Workflows
A shortcut to the Workflow module where you can view workflow for the currently selected script.

Campaign Links

10. Campaign Links
Link to external campaign and call list data, for those users who do not wish to use CallScripter's Outbound Manager module to load and manage campaigns and call lists.

Save Changes

11. Save Changes
Save all Changes

View Script History

12. View Script History
A shortcut to the Script History for the currently displayed script.  Also available from the Main Script Editor menu.

View Script Runs

13. View Script Runs
A shortcut to the Script History where you can view the script history for the currently selected script.

Script FAQs

14. Script FAQs
Add FAQs relating to the currently selected script.  See Script FAQs for more information.


15. Reports
A shortcut to the Reporting System where you can view, edit and create reports for the currently displayed script.  Also available from the Reporting System main menu.

Rota and CRM

16. Rota and CRM
Rota and CRM are deprecated modules.  Please contact Professional Services for further information.