User Guide

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Retrieve Session ID

Retrieve Session ID
Each time a script is run a Session ID (unique number) is generated. The Retrieve Session Data control provides users with a text box in which to enter the Session ID, and button to click to retrieve the associated data from a previous script run.  Mapping occurs automatically with data being returned to script fields on the page that match those from the corresponding script run.

Field Information

1. Field Information
Displays the current field name and pages on which it is used.  The Field Information button gives further information including links to the pages that the field is used on and details of any reports in which it is used. 

Field Name

2. Field Name
Give your field an appropriate name.  This is particularly important if using it in a calculation or report.  Changing a field name will not automatically update corresponding reports that use that field.

Styling Buttons

3. Styling Buttons
Change the look and feel of the control.

Button Text

4. Button Text
The text which will display on the button.

Default Value

5. Default Value
Enter a default value if required.


6. Text
Enter the text for the control as you wish it appear to the agent.

Field Validation

7. Field Validation
Use to apply field validation to the control (in conjunction with a button marked to Check Page