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Random Ordering Control

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Random Ordering Control
New feature
Version 4.5.28
The Random Control (available Version 4.5.28+) allows controls and their contents to change position on each page load, for example, to change the order of questions displayed, and/or change the position of the answers to those questions.
For example, on the first page load questions 1, 2 and 3 are displayed:
On the next instance of the page load, questions 3, 1, and 2 are displayed, and so on.
Note the answers can also be set to present themselves in a different order each time.
The Random Ordering control works in a pair - Random Ordering Start and Random Ordering End.  Controls will change their positioning when placed between the Random Ordering Start and End:
The control attributes are:
Reorder fields:          reorder the controls placed between a Start and End
Reorder options:      reorder the options contained in each control placed between a Start and End