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Radio Button - Multi

Radio Button - Multi
Radio Button - Multi is a "List Field", the contents of which can be added to, edited or deleted, by a supervisor with access to the Call Manager to manage lists.

Field Name

1. Field Name
Re-name your field


2. Columns
This enables you to choose how your values are displayed.  For example, if you enter 9 entries in Advanced properties, choosing 1 column will display them in a single vertical line.  If you choose 3 columns, they will be displayed in 3 columns of 3.  If you choose 2 columns, you will see one column of 5 and one column of 4.  the following example shows a the same radio button control  displayed as
three columns:
One column:

Styling Buttons

3. Styling Buttons

Default Value

4. Default Value
Set the default value.  The value must match one of those in the list specified in Advanced Properties.

Label Location

5. Label Location
Choose where the labels will appear in relation to the radio button.  Left or right.


6. Text
Change the label for the radio button group.

Advanced Properties

7. Advanced Properties
Set the options for your radio buttons.  The Option Text is what will appear to the agent, Option Value is what will be saved in the database.  The number of options set here will control how many radio buttons are included in the group.  See Columns for controlling how these are displayed.

Field Validation

8. Field Validation
Set field Validation if required.  See Field Validation for further information.