User Guide

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Outcome (Inbound)

Outcome (Inbound)
This control is for use with Inbound scripts only. Outbound outcomes are handled at in Campaign Manager, Dialler campaigns, using the appropriate DXI Dialler controls.

Field Name

1. Field Name
Give your field an appropriate name.  This is particularly important if using it in a calculation or report.  Changing a field name will not automatically update corresponding reports that use that field.

Default Value

2. Default Value
Enter a default value that matches on the entries created in Advanced Properties if required.

Field Help

3. Field Help
Enter the text you wish the agent to see when hovering over the control.

Number of Items Displayed

4. Number of Items Displayed
Choose the number of items to be displayed.  Choosing 1 will display the outcome control as a dropdown list, choosing more than one will display the outcome control as a select list.  Where more items are available than the number chosen to display, the control will display a scroll bar.

Field Style

5. Field Style

Advanced Properties

6. Advanced Properties
Use the small plus symbol nest to the bottom row to add a new option.  Use the red "X" to delete an option.  Drag and drop to change the order in which the entries appear.
The Displayed Text is what the Agent Sees, the Returned Code is what is saved in the database, and therefore what you will see in reports.  Outcomes can be chargeable or not which ties in with the optional billing and invoicing module, but can also be used in reporting from CallScripter if required. The  'Chargeable' element automatically updates the value of the Chargeable Control on your script.

Field Validation

7. Field Validation