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Outbound data flow in outbound module

CallScripter stores all data against single records which is defined by the Session ID. For the inbound module, a new record is created for each new script run. The outbound module allows multiple script runs, or calls, to be made against a single record. As a result, the data in the outbound module can be modified and stored against the record, with any future script runs showing the modified data. An outbound campaign must have a script assigned, which will contain data fields to present information to agents and to capture/update fields. When a script is linked to an outbound campaign, these fields can be mapped to data points in the source call list (whether this is generated by CallScripter or dialler), or the link can be left blank, meaning when the record is loaded, the field with no link would be left blank. 
Outbound scripts can be linked to a call list, which will populate script fields with data from a column of the source call lists if the field is linked. Call lists can either by loaded through CallScripter, or fed through from a dialler.
When the record is run for the first time, the script fields will be populated with data from the chosen data source using the mappings defined in either the outbound manager (for campaigns managed in CallScripter) or by EXDS (for campaigns managed by a dialler). Any fields not mapped will not be populated with any information.
When mapping using EXDS it is recommended that the maximum number of mapped call list fields is limited to 30.  As a guide, for every 50 fields mapped this will add approximately half a second to the screen pop time.
When a record is run for the first time, data from the source call list is loaded from each column into the linked script field. If a field is unlinked, no data will be loaded and the field will remain blank on the first script run.  The agent can amend any data at script run time if the script allows, and this will amend the data in the source call list when the agent leaves the page.
If record data is amended externally (i.e. through a dialler using EXDS integration), the script will be populated with the latest data for the record. This will overwrite any existing data held against the record within CallScripter. If a script field is unlinked to a data source it will remain unchanged, and unaffected by any external changes.