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Open Web Frameset

Change Type
Version Number
Control renamed to "Web Frameset - Open" to allow both web frameset controls to sit next to each other in the System Control list (Web Frameset - Open and Web Frameset - Close)
Version 4.5.37
Open Web Frameset
The open web frameset control is used to display a website alongside a script on click of a button. The button can link to the current page, or any other page in the script where the frameset should be displayed.   It should be used in conjunction with a close web frameset control. 

Field Name

1. Field Name
Give your field an appropriate name.  This is particularly important if using it in a calculation or report.  Changing a field name will not automatically update corresponding reports that use that field.

Field Help

2. Field Help
Enter the text you wish the agent to see when hovering over the control.

Field Text

3. Field Text
Enter the label that you wish to show on the accompanying button.

Side by Side

4. Side by Side
Tick to display the web frameset to the right hand side of the script panel.  If left unticked, the frameset default position is below the script panel. 
Note that the side by side feature is only available in version 4.5.17 and newer.


5. URL
Enter the full URL for the page to be displayed within the frameset, e.g.,


6. Advanced
Specify the page that the button will link to when clicked.  When the button is clicked, the script will navigate to the page specified and the page at the URL specified will be displayed: