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List Box

List Box
The list box control can either appear as a single dropdown list, or a multi select field depending on whether or not you check the Multiple Selection check box and how many of Items you choose to display.
List Box is a "List Field", the contents of which can be added to, edited or deleted, by either a script builder or a supervisor with access to the Call Manager to manage Lists

List box as a drop down list:


List Box as a multi-select:

If the Multiple selection option is checked, the agent will be able to use Ctrl and Click to select more than one entry.

Field Name

1. Field Name
Change the field name if required

Default Value

2. Default Value
Set a default value.  This must be one of the items entered in Advanced Properties (9)

Field Help

3. Field Help
Enter Agent help text

Multiple Selection

4. Multiple Selection
Check to allow multiple selection using control and click.

Styling Options

5. Styling Options

Number of items Displayed

6. Number of items Displayed
Enter 1 to display the control as a drop-down list.  Enter more than 1 to show the required number of entries.  If you display fewer entries that you have entered in the Advanced Properties of this list, a scroll bar will appear so that the all entries are available to the Agent .

Read Only

7. Read Only
Check to make the field read-only

Field Text

8. Field Text
Re-label the control.

Advanced Properties

9. Advanced Properties
Add, delete and re-order (drag and drop) entries for your drop-down or multi-select list box control. The Option Text is the text that is displayed to the agent, the Option Value is the value that is written to the database.  See also Importing List Box Entries, or to have the entries automatically update use the Database Multi-Select List control.
Click and drag the up/down arrows to the right of each item in the list to change the order.
Click the red X to delete an entry.

Field Validation Button

10. Field Validation Button