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Legacy Feature - Workflow

Workflow has been replaced with the new Task Managementfeature
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Version 4.5.36+
The Workflow module enables you to ensure that a single, or sequence of dependent, follow up actions for a call are brought to the attention of the customer service agents monitoring the alerter in the call manager. 
Workflow allows the script builder to trigger follow up tasks during a script run, which can be handled as a back office activity, i.e., not the agents.  For this reason, workflow actions are highlighted by the alerter, and actioned in the CallManager, not in the Agent Desktop. If you want your agents to handle follow-up/fulfilment activities in between calls, workflow is not the tool for you.  See Message Queue for a means to alert agents to follow-up activities that can be handled from the Agent Desktop.
Workflow are linked to the scripts using the "Set Workflow" control, but no action required by the workflow is taken within the script, only within the Call Manager.  Only chargeable calls will appear in the call manager, so you must ensure that your call is marked as such in the script.
Workflow are built using Events associated with subsequent Actions.  The combination of Events and Actions results in a workflow "Stage".  Each stage has an automatically assigned stage number which is used in the Call Manager to identify the progress through the workflow as a whole.
The workflow is run when a Set Workflow control in your script is reached.  If you have different workflow requirements for different legs of your script, it is worth creating several smaller workflows, as once built, they are difficult to amend.
All "legs" of your workflow must have a Finish Workflow Action, or a link to another event in the same workflow.  Any unlinked ends will result in an incomplete script run.


There are three types of events.  Each event can have many actions associated with it.  Some Actions have associated Events that are automatically added to the workflow.  When you add a new workflow, a NEW CALL Event is added.  Adding subsequent Actions to that event, will in turn add further Events, for example, adding a Button Action to your New Call Event, will result in the automatic addition of a Button Pushed Event.


Actions are associated with Events.  Each event may have many actions associated with it.