User Guide

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Used as a script branching tool, commonly on the welcome page, this control enables the script builder to provide the agent with a list of options, all of which go to different pages within the same script.

Default Value

1. Default Value
Enter a default value where appropriate

Field/Control help

2. Field/Control help
Enter help associated with the control

Text Style Button

3. Text Style Button
Change the appearance of the control text.

Field Text/Button Label

4. Field Text/Button Label
Changes the label on the Go To button

Advanced Properties Button

5. Advanced Properties Button
Enter display text for each page you wish to link to and choose the corresponding page from the right hand list.  You have to create the pages to link to before you can link them.  click the small plus item to add a new link.  Use the red cross to the right of entry to delete it, and drag and drop to change the order the pages appear in.

Items Shown

6. Items Shown
Specify the number of items that will show.  For example, if you have 10 pages that the agent could go to, set this to 10 to display them all, or fewer to display the first few with a scroll bar to view the rest.