User Guide

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Floating Controls

"Floating Control - Start" and "Floating Control - End" controls work together in pairs, and allow controls placed within them to be absolutely positioned.  The background colour of the Floating Controls can be set to give a visual representation of all controls being grouped together.  In this example the delivery and billing address controls have been placed in a pair of floating controls, with the background colour set:

Floating Control  - Start

A key feature of the control attributes are the Top and Left fields.  When populated by a number these determine when the Floating Controls sit on the page:
The coordinates are found at the top of the script page when performing a Run Script.  These coordinates represent the current location of the mouse pointer as it is moved around the screen. 

Floating Control - End

The Floating Control - End control has no additional attributes, and is simply added at the point where the float needs to end.
 The following styling has been applied in this example:
The result of which is: