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The External Data Source Campaign and Field link feature allows external campaign data to be linked directly into script fields. For further information, see Outbound data flow in outbound module
Campaigns and call lists linked to a script are automatically set live within CallScripter.  The Make Active button in the Outbound Manager is automatically hidden when the External Data Source Campaign Link is used.
Campaign names are no longer displayed in script list (preventing agents from possibly double clicking and launching a script manually).
The EXDS is a system plugin which implements specific interfaces, allowing data to be extracted and mapped from a remote system to a CallScripter script/campaign.
Once this is done the Script List screen will display any Campaign and Call List links at the bottom of the page:
A Call List drop down list will appear with the data columns displayed.  Select on of these as the Reference Column for reporting purposes:
Script fields can be linked to display data from the call list:
When the script is run by an agent each call record will be imported into the script, with any changes made being written back to the original .  Any records that have been processed will also appear in the Call Manager (but not until the record has been run through the script either in the Script Editor or Agent Desktop).  It is recommended the maximum number of fields mapped is limited to 30.  As a rough guide every 50 fields mapped will add half a second to script pop time.
When mapping using EXDS it is recommended that the maximum number of mapped call list fields is limited to 30.  As a guide, for every 50 fields mapped this will add approximately half a second to the screen pop time.