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Data Controls

Before adding a data or lookup controls, ensure all the required fields to map data to are added to the script.
SQL usage in CallScripter
1) Don’t use variables as they are re-calculated every time an agent moves from field to field, and page to page.  Write your data to a field, a hidden field if you do not display it anywhere in the script.
2) CallScripter places single quotes around field data e.g. ‘[Field]’
Code in CallScripter will look like this
select * from table where id = [id]
The Query will be passed through in SQL with single quotes around the data field.
select * from table where id = '1'
3) When referencing a column with spaces in the name you would use square brackets however CallScripter will interpret this as a field reference.
Query in CallScripter will look like this
select * from [table with spaces in name] where id = [id]
The Query passed through in SQL will contain 'CsFieldNotFound ' in place of the column name.
select * from CsFieldNotFound where id = '1'
in order to get around these issue you would need to set quoted identifier on in SQL by placing the following Query at the top of your query
Please note the following knowledge base article relating to CallScripter SQL query substitution: