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Countdown Timer

Countdown Timer
The Countdown Timer control allows script builders to set a time duration, which when expired will display a message.  This message can be formatted as required.  Despite the name of the control, the timer can also be set to count up as well as count down.  The digits are displayed in the top left corner of the script.

Field Information

1. Field Information
Displays the current field name and pages on which it is used.  The Field Information button gives further information including links to the pages that the field is used on and details of any reports in which it is used. 

Field Name

2. Field Name
Give your field an appropriate name.  This is particularly important if using it in a calculation or report.  Changing a field name will not automatically update corresponding reports that use that field.

Style - Text

3. Style - Text
Change the appearance (colour/size, etc) of the count up/down digits displayed.

Count Direction

4. Count Direction
Set control to either count up or count down.

Style - Warning

5. Style - Warning
change the appearance (colour/size, etc) of the warning message displayed once the expiration time has passed.

Warning Duration

6. Warning Duration
Determine when the warning message should appear

Warning Text

7. Warning Text
Add the warning text to be displayed once the timer has reached it's limit.

Save button

8. Save button
Save changes.

Close button

9. Close button
Close control attributes.

Delete button

10. Delete button
Delete control from script page.