User Guide

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Client (PC) Requirements

CallScripter is a web application that your users will access through an Internet Explorer browser (IE). It makes use of JavaScript throughout and ActiveX for some integration options. CallScripter advise Internet Explorer is run in 32bit mode and telephony functionality requires this (identified below).
Windows Versions
CallScripter is supported when running Internet Explorer on Windows XP, 7, 8.1 and 8. 
Internet Explorer Settings
Internet Explorer must to be configured with the settings defined in the following article for CallScripter to function correctly:  Internet Explorer Settings
Client PC Spec
CallScripter is a real time application and so resource availability on the client machine should be specified with this and other client side application demands in mind.  Full details on the Client PC Spec requirements can be found in the following article:  Client PC Hardware Specs
Agent Desktop & Telephony Integrations
Agent Desktop and associated CT Provider (Communication Toolbar Provider) functionality makes use of current web browser technologies and supports all current CallScripter functionality. These require Internet Explorer to be run as a 32bit application.
We also provide a Legacy Agent Desktop with associated CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) functionality that provides support for older web browser technologies. However some newer, advanced functions are not available with this Legacy Agent Desktop. These require Internet Explore to be run as a 32bit application.
These different telephony integration platforms for each Agent Desktop version support different phone switch and dialer platforms and so please contact the Professional Services team to confirm options.
The following table describes the two versions of the Agent Desktop, and Supported IE versions (across the supported Windows Versions). This is for CallScripter versions 4.5.24 and above.
Current Desktop
Legacy Desktop
URL Page Name
Identifying Feature
Blue Toolbar
Yellow Toolbar
IE 8 Supported
IE 9 Supported
Yes (slower IE JavaScript engine)
IE10 Supported
IE11 Supported
IE12 Supported
For older versions of CallScripter (pre 4.5.24) or for systems where Controls from older versions (pre 4.5.24) are in use please contact the CallScripter Support team for advice on testing compatibility with your specific system and environment.
Telephony integrations (and the Legacy Alerter) require the client PC to interact with the IE browser via a small application running locally. If these features are not being used then no client side installs are required. See below for specific details regarding the 2 distinct telephony integration platforms:
When upgrading desktop IE versions please ensure that the required IE Settings confirmed and re-apply if required. The Microsoft Internet Explorer upgrade process may reset them to default.
When viewing CallScripter Website on Servers
IE Enhanced Security (IE ESC) must disabled on the server for the level of the user (Administrator or user) viewing the CallScripter website directly on the server. In addition any IE ESC settings within IE for the user must also be disabled.
This does not apply to users running viewing the CallScripter website on their own PCs.