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Agent Messaging

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Agent messaging can be disabled globally if this feature is not used
The Agent Messaging system allows all users with an Agent Messaging Licence to send messages to individual users, groups of users, or all users.  Messages are one way, however the sender can request that users confirm that the message has been read.
Messages appear at the top of the Agent Desktop  as a title bar until the agent removes the message by clicking on the X in the right hand corner. On hovering the mouse over the Agent Messaging bar, the full body of the message is displayed:
Users with access to send messages can do so by clicking on the Agent Messages button located in the top right hand corner of the Agent Desktop:
From here, users can send a message or look through the read reports associated with previously sent messages:

Sending a Message

To send a message, click the down arrow next to the Agent Messages link in the yellow title bar of the Agent Desktop and complete the relevant fields.
If the message requires confirmation that it has been read,  check the appropriate box.  Messages will include a check box in the title bar in order that agents can confirm they have read the message:
Closing the message without confirming that it has been read will result in the following alert:
Groups can be set up in the User Manager which facilitates sending messages to all individuals in a specified group.