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Accordion Controls

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The Accordion controls (Accordion - Start, and Accordion - End) work together in as a pair, and allow controls placed within them to be shown and hidden by clicking on the "+" sign displayed in the top right corner.
This feature is particularly useful for busy script pages, where sets of controls need to be hidden until required.
In this example the Caller Name and Address Details are shown, with the Details controls remaining hidden:
Accordion Controls

Field Information

Displays the current field name and pages on which it is used.  The Field Information button gives further information including links to the pages that the field is used on and details of any reports in which it is used. 

Field Name

Give your field an appropriate name.  This is particularly important if using it in a calculation or report.  Changing a field name will not automatically update corresponding reports that use that field.

Display Image Option

3. Display Image Option
Tick to display the "+" sign in the top right corner on the Accordion - Start (displayed only when the script is run).

Field Text

4. Field Text
Enter the text for the control as you wish it appear to the agent.

Start Open Option

5. Start Open Option
Select whether to display all controls (select "Yes) positioned between the Accordion controls on page load (when the script is running), or hide all controls (select "No).
This option can also be set dynamically using a Calculate Field to build logic into the script. The following Javascript will set Start Open to Yes
[Accordion - Start] = 'True';
Or you can set the Accordion control to be closed at the start using the below Javascript within a Calculate Field
[Accordion - Start] = 'False';
Please ensure you adjust [Accordion - Start] accordingly depending on the name of the Accordion control
An Accordion - End control must be positioned below the last control within the group.

Working Example of Accordion Controls

In this example Accordion Controls have been positioned above and below each set of controls - these are Customer Name, Address Details, Phone Numbers and Notes:
When the script is running the controls display as follows: